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    TMT-HA600 1300W Hot Air Rework System – *Top Seller*

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    Thermaltronics are industry leaders for Hot Air Rework Systems. The TMT-HA600 hot air tool uses a large diaphragm pump and a high power 1300W heater, designed to work on more difficult applications, in the removal and reflow of surface mount components. The TMT-HA600 is the Hot air rework system of choice for major phone and laptop service centres across Australia due to its high power 1300W heater. 

    Fast heating and temperature recovery
    Simple controls allows easy adjustment
    Uses HTN Series Hot Air Nozzles
    Digital display with easy-to-adjust temp and airflow


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  • TMT-PH200 IR Preheater 130mm x 130mm

    SKU: TMT-PH200

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    The TMT-PH200 uses sensor control feedback loop to control the infrared preheater temperature and is suitable for leaded and lead-free preheating processes.



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  • Flux Remover – Circuit Board Cleaner


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    Circuit Board Cleaner is an electrical parts cleaner and efficient benchtop flux remover, which also rinses dirt, moisture, dust, and corrosion, and rapidly cleans waxes, oils, and greases. It is fast drying and compatible with most rubbers and plastics.


    Circuit Board Cleaner is safe for use on PCBs, tape heads, optical and precision instruments, motors, dies, bearings, air tools, and much more.


    Features & Benefits:
    -Tough on all types of fluxes
    -Fast drying
    -Non corrosive
    -Low odour
    -No clean flux compatible

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  • DEOX R70 Electrical Protector & Conductivity Enhancer

    SKU: CT-R70

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    DEOX R70 Electrical Protector & Conductivity Enhancer is a highly advanced, non-conductive electrical protector, extremely effective in aggressive environments and tropical
    climates, including those in the industrial and marine industries. It is safe on plastics, connectors, and PCBs, and provides excellent corrosion protection by displacing moisture and sealing and enhancing the conductivity of electrical and electronic equipment and tools, switches, contacts, relays, coils, solenoids, motors and generators,
    junction boxes, and telecommunication devices, protecting surfaces in any condition, including those which had previously undergone water damage.

    R70 protects and enhances upon application by forming a unique, thin film deposit of VCIs which do not alter or interfere with the electrical resistance or magnetic properties of metal surfaces. It also dissolves corrosion to assist with the restoration of electrical conductivity, and is a vital protective spray for use during the maintenance and servicing of electrical components.

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  • Premium Anti-Static Bench Matting 600mm x 10M Blue

    SKU: 23-0610-BL

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    Okay’s Static Dissapative Matting Rolls are made from durable rubber material and guaranteed not to fade like cheaper alternatives. They are versatile, long lasting, and suitable for use as a dissapative work surface table mat which is conductive on the opposite side.

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  • NC Tacky Rework Flux Gel 10cc Syringe

    SKU: NC-TAC2-S10-PT

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    NC Paste Flux is a no clean tacky/rework flux designed for general touch up or rework of printed circuit boards, and for BGA rework and sphere attachment. NC Paste Flux can be used for hand soldering, hot-air rework stations, convection reflow, or vapor phase soldering. Soldering residues do not require cleaning and are clear and inert. NC Paste Flux is compatible with all tin-lead and lead-free alloys. NC Paste Flux can be dispensed, brushed or stencil printed. NC Paste Flux complies with the IPC 7711-7721 standard

    AIM Flux Gel / Paste No Clean 10cc Syringe with Plunger


    AIM Flux Gel / Paste No Clean 10cc Syringe with Plunger

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  • AI-264-5-1L

    AIM Liquid Flux FX16 Alcohol Based No Clean

    SKU: FX16

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    Alcohol based liquid flux for rework, or production purposes in wave soldering (spray fluxer only) and ideal for selective soldering machines. 
    No Clean residues after heating
    Solids Content – 2.7% 

    FX16 is a sprayable no-clean flux which has been engineered to provide exceptional soldering performance with a broad process window, leaving minimal, electrically safe flux residues – even when unheated.

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  • Micro Soldering Training – 3 Days


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    This course teaches students micro soldering skills to repair common logic board issues including charge ports, FPC connectors and more.  This is a hands on, practical course where students work on current devices with the latest soldering equipment. Our fully equipment training centre includes, Hot air rework systems, Preheaters, Infrared rework system, Induction heating soldering irons, microscopes and we introduce you to leaded and lead free soldering techniques & many soldering consumable aids used by major electronics service centres across Australia.

    Next Sydney Date Wednesday 28th April 2021 – Thursday 29th April 2021

    *Visit for course dates and locations*
    *See full description and course content below* 

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  • AIM Flux Gel / Paste No Clean 10cc Syringe with Plunger

    SKU: NC254S10-PT

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    NC254 No Clean Flux Gel/ Paste is a no clean tacky/rework flux designed to wet virtually all solderable electronic surfaces, components, assemblies, and substrates. It may be used for general touch-up or rework of printed circuit boards, and for attaching spheres to ball grid array (BGA) packages. Its superior wetting ability results in bright, smooth, skiny solder joints, whether reflowed by hand, hot-air rework station, convection reflow oven, or vapor phase soldering systems. Residues that remain on surfaces after soldering are clear, leaving a cosmetically appealing repair that can be easily pin-probed during in-circuit testing. NC254 is compatible with all tin-lead and lead-free alloys and may be brushed on, dispensed, pin transferred, or stencil printed.


    AIM Flux Gel / Paste No Clean 10cc Syringe with Plunger

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  • Palm Coated Gloves ESD


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    Palm Coated Gloves are designed for easy movement and continuous wear without irritating seams and with minimal risk of allergy. They are made from high dexterity microporous polyurethane foam, creating a light, elastic, low-lint glove, resistant to deformation.


    Palm Coated Gloves protect the hand from oils and abrasion whilst remaining elastic and breathable for extended wearing, without restricting movement around the wrist.

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  • AIM Lead Free SAC305 No Clean Solder Wire

    SKU: SAC305-CX18

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    SAC305 CX18 is a no clean flux core solder wire is designed to offer excellent soldering results with on all surface finishes. Engineered for high operator satisfaction SAc305 CX18 is a low odor/smoke formula which promotes thermal transfer and fast wetting without the need for additional flux. SAC305 CX18 post solder residues are minimal, clear and pass IPC-004A and IPC-004B SIR and corrosion requirements.


    – Fast Wetting
    – Minimal/Clear Residue
    – Extends Solder Tip Life
    – ROL0 per IPC J-STD-004
    – REACH and RoHS Compliant (Lead-free)
    – Low Odor / Fumes
    – Halogen Free per EN14582


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  • Adjustable Wrist Strap Set


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    With a built-in 1 Meg resistor and a coiled 100 foot cord, the Adjustable Wrist Band Set also includes a 10mm press stud on both ends, along with a banana plug/crocodile clip.


    Adjustable Wrist Strap Set

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  • Keiba Midget Diagonal Cutter Red Handle

    SKU: MN-B05

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    Specially designed and developed for the electrical and electronics industries, Keiba’s Midget Diagonal Cutters are designed to cut copper wires from 0.2mm-2.0mm diameter. They are made of special vanadium alloy steel, which is heat-treated in an advanced process. Its cutting blades are induction heated to ensure good cutting and longer life.

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  • Keiba Smooth Long Nose Plier Green Handle

    SKU: HLC-D14

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    Specially developed for the electrical and electronics industries, these Japanese-made precision serrated and non-serrated pliers with high quality grip are designed for comfort, and are perfect for the electronics toolkit.

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  • 2027

    Upright PCB Cleaner Brush

    SKU: 2027

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    The 2027 Hog Bristle Brush with static-neutral plywood handle can be used on small to large areas, and is specially useful on circuit boards for scrubbing and dusting.


    Handle Length: 4 5/16″ , Width: 1 1/16″ (at head)

    Bristle Trim Length: 1/2″, Dimensions: 7/8″ (L) x 3/8″ (W)


    Upright Pcb Cleaner

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  • 2031

    Double Ended Stainless Steel Brush Small

    SKU: 2031

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    The 2031 Double-Ended Horse Hair brush with Stainless Steel Handle can be used for heavy duty scrubbing, and when turned around, the chiseled end is great for scrubbing tight corners.


    Handle Length: 4 1/2″, Diameter: 3 1/6″

    Bristle Trim Length: 1/4″, Tapered 1/2″ Flat, Tuft: Oval


    Double Ended Stainless Steel Brush Small

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  • Okay AA-SA General Purpose Fine Point Tweezer

    SKU: 27-0701

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    General purpose stainless steel tweezer with straight point and hardened tips. Ideal for general electronics use.

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  • FD-21

    Needle Bottle Dispenser

    SKU: FD-21

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    For the precise application of non-corrosive liquids, this spill proof 59mL polyethlene squeeze bottle is equipped with a blunt stainless steel to eliminate messy spillage, waste, and evaporation.


    Needle Bottle Dispenser

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