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  • Citra Grit Hand Cleaner

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    Kleanitize Citra-Grit Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner is a premium, industrial strength hand wash containing an active chelating ingredient that binds with common heavy metals, allowing them to be washed away with water. Its solvent-free formula neutralises strong workshop odours and kills a broad array of bacterial germs without stinging or burning cuts, scrapes, and open wounds, leaving skin feeling smooth and smelling pleasant.

    Kleanitize Hand Cleaner removes the toughest soils, including grease, paint, ink, oil, and industrial carbons, without causing dryness or cracked nails like other industrial soaps. Its ultra-fine exfoliating particles will soften hard-working hands without scratching or irritating sensitive skin, washing easily away without banking up in sinks and drains.

    Highly recommended for all workshops and manufacturing facilities.


    Heavy Metal Removal

    To ensure complete removal of heavy metal residues, using a generous amount of hand cleaner on wet or dry hands, wash/scrub hands and body for at least 15 – 20 seconds. Rinse and repeat the process for a thorough clean.

    The following heavy metals will be removed after careful washing:

    • Lead
    • Nickel
    • Cobalt
    • Cadmium
    • Aluminium
    • Mercury
    • Gallium
    • Copper
    • Zinc
    • Silver
    • Gold
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  • Isopropyl Alcohol 70% (Isopropanol/IPA)

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    Kleanium™ 70% IPA Isopropyl Alcohol (otherwise known as ‘rubbing alcohol’ or Isopropanol) is a powerful cleaning solvent, disinfectant, and antiseptic. It is an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral agent which will sanitise quickly and thoroughly, destroying bacteria, fungi, and micro-organisms on critical or delicate surfaces, including PCBs, magnetic tape heads, optical and precision instruments, and living tissue.

    70% IPA is harmless to most plastics, elastomers, or rubbers, and is free of CFCs, chlorinated solvents, and denaturants. It contains Deionised Water (pH = 7) in which carbon, particulates, organics, and other dissolved minerals have been removed during multi-stage filtration, ensuring suitability in pharmaceutical and biomedical manufacturing areas.

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