SMT Epoxy

  • AI-4044-10CC-R

    Surface Mount Epoxy

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    Epoxy 4044 is single part epoxy adhesive used for bonding SMT components to a PWB prior to double sided reflow or wave solder assembly. It is formulated to resist shear-thinning and has rapid thermal cure properties. Its viscosity and surface tension provide the tack force needed for use with high speed placement equipment.


    Epoxy 4044 offers excellent adhesion to metal, cermaics, and glass-filled epoxy surfaces, and is suitable for all open squeegee and enclosed head stencil printing systems.


    Visc: 600 – 1,000 Thix

    Boiling Point: >260 degrees celsius

    Tensile Strength: 11,500 psi

    Specific Gravity: 113


    Surface Mount Epoxy Red 10cc tube
    Replacement for SMA10SL

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