Wave Soldering Consumables

  • Flux Pen


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    CT-NC No Clean liquid flux is specially formulated for electrical and electronic repair and rework. CT-NC superior wetting ability offers faster wetting for leaded and lead free solders. This flux is designed to be a no-clean, non-visible residue flux, which can be cleaned if critical to the product application.

    Features: Low residue, fast wetting, improves soldering performance, eliminates the need and expense of cleaning.

    Applications: Electrical maintenance, electronic maintenance and manufacturing, telecommunication, military & avionics, railways, mining.

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  • Common Flux Thinner 5 Litres

    Common Flux Thinner

    SKU: AI-TH-5L

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    Common Flux Thinner is a solvent that is used to thin Water Soluble, No Clean and RMA fluxes in foaming and some spray applications. 

    Common Flux Thinner has an unopened shelf life of 2 years when stored at room temperature.
    – Do not store Common Flux Thinner in direct sunlight.
    – Do not freeze this product.
    – Re-seal any opened containers while not in use.
    – Common Flux Thinner is shipped ready to use, no mixing necessary

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  • Latex Solder Mask

    SKU: 775-8

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    Rover Mask 775-8 is a thick, premium quality natural latex-based temporary solder resist. It is dispensed from an easy to handle squeezable bottle with a tapered tip, and has the appearance of a white, non-running gel (Visc: 18,000 – 22,000 cps).

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  • Dross Reducing Powder


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    Dross Reducing Powder is a white, inorganic powder which removes oxides from the solder surface, cleaning it to allow regeneration of usable metal and decreasing the amount of dross for disposal. It extends the use of solder by encapsulating metal oxides, and is recommended for tin/lead solder pot temperatures of 235°C through to 260°C.

    Dross Reducing Power reduces dross in solder pots and can be used in wave soldering and still solder baths. It contains no fatty acids or mineral oils and no chlorides, ensuring no interference with board or component cleanliness.

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