• CT-R14-1KG

    Silicone Dielectric Grease

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    DEOX R14 Silicone Dielectric Grease offers excellent dielectric properties with extreme high and low temperature capabilities, water resiliency, and oxidation resistance. It reduces friction, increasing the life of vacuum seals, o-rings, belts, and non metal-to-metal moving components with regular use.
    R14 can be used as a long-term lubricant for plastics and rubbers, whilst shielding from moisture and contaminants. It provides a rust-proof seal against environmental exposure and corrosion, insulating spark plugs and electrical wiring.
    DID YOU KNOW… DEOX R14 reduces labour and maintenance costs on machinery such as farming and mining equipment. Its high drop point keeps it tacky for longer, extending times between scheduled servicing.

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  • Carbon Conductive Grease

    SKU: CT-R006

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    Carbon Conductive Grease is an excellent low cost mechanical and thermal conductor for irregular or pitted surfaces and loose or vibrating parts. It is designed to prevent closed switches from corrosion, prevent the formation of oxides, sulphides, and other corrosion deposits on copper and aluminium surfaces, improve the connection between worn contacts and non-moving mating surfaces, and reduce arcing hot spots.

    R006 relies on a proprietary carbon filler rather than traditional metallic particles for electrical conductivity. It is typically used a ground and is particularly useful when trying to drain static electricity away from moving objects, from low micro-power electronics through to high voltage switchgear.

    Carbon Conductive Grease is non-hardening and non-melting with a high resistance to water washout, and offers a board service temperature range with continuing lubrication, and low bleed and evaporation. It is ideal for ground connections, rotating connections, rotary switches, variable capacitors, roller inductors, roller bearings, slip rings, slide connectors, and potentiometers.


    Specifications (refer to TDS for full details)

    • Colour: Black
    • Odour: Odourless
    • Worked Penetration, 60 Strokes, ½ Scale (ASTM D1403): 269
    • Volume Resistivity (ρv) (Mil-Std-883J Method 5.11.6): 114 Ω.cm
    • Volume Conductivity (σv) (Mil-Std-883J Method 5.11.6): 0.009 S/cm
    • Dropping Point (ASTM D2265): > 304°C
    • Service Temperature: -50°C to +200°C
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