M Series / Metcal STTC

M Series Tips are to be used with the Thermaltronics TMT-9000S-2 soldering system. M series tips can also be used in some Metcal
Soldering Systems.  If you are using STTC tips from Metcal™ for your Metcal™  MX-500 series equipment, Thermaltronics M Series tips are compatible with these systems. 
Soldering Tip – Temperature Guide
Tip Cartridge Temperature Guide Colour Band
M6 / STTC-6XX 325°C – 358°C Blue
M7 / STTC-1XX 350°C – 398°C Yellow
M75 / STTC-1XX 365°C – 410°C  Yellow
M8 / STTC-8XX 420°C – 475°C Red
Each Thermaltronics tip geometry will typically idle within a temperature range of +/-1.1°C. The length and geometry of a tip will have an influence on the tip idle temperature. 
Example: A 2.5mm Chisel tips in the M7 series may be slightly hotter than 1.78mm chisel in the same M7 series. Rule of thumb is to use the biggest tip possible for the job to ensure the best results.