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  • Wall Mounted Test Station

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    The Wall Mounted Wristband and Footwear Test Station has been designed specifically for permanent mounting on a wall in or near the EPA. It comes clearly printed with user instructions in full view. The foot plate, complete with connecting lead, is designed specifically to connect to the wall plate for testing heel and toe grounders, shoes, clogs, and sandals worn in the EPA.

  • Surface Resistivity Meter

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    Pocket sized, battery powered, and simple to use, this Surface Resistivity Meter is ideal for everyday use to check the suitability of work, floor, and packaging surfaces. Simply place the meter on the surface to be tested and press the test button. The meter measures surface resistivity in Ohms per square, per EIA-541 test method ASTM D-257, and also measures resistance to ground in Ohms Range 10(3) – 10(12) per ESD standards S-11.11