Cleaners and Degreasers

  • Electronics Cleaning Solvent


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    Electronic Cleaning Solvent is a fast drying, pure and stable industrial cleaning solvent for the precision cleaning of mechanical assemblies and sensitive electronics, including printed circuit boards, and circuit breakers. Its highly efficient formula is non-corrosive, leaves no residue, and is harmless to most plastics, elastomers, and rubbers.


    Electronic Cleaning Solvent rapidly removes fluxes, waxes, greases, and oils, and can also be used on relays, switches, alarms, contacts, connectors, generators, and terminal plugs.

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  • Stencil Cleaner 20L

    Stencil Cleaner


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    Screen Kleen M is an effective and economical so cleaner, formulated to be completely compatible with all commonly used solder pastes. It offers a fast evaporation rate, and dries without leaving any residue. Unlike other hand applied stencil cleaners, Screen Kleen M helps to reduce solder paste dry-out while enhancing its release from even the finest apertures. This extends the on-screen life of the solder paste, allowing for a greater number of prints between cleaning.


    Screen Kleen M is chlorine-free and free of halogenated solvents. Its use will reduce the risk of print defects, such as smears and bridging, without interfering with the soldering process.

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  • Kleanium Non-Flammable Contact & Electric Motor Cleaner


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    Kleanium™ Non-Flammable Contact & Electric Motor Cleaner reliably removes contamination from sensitive electrical and electronic equipment, drying extremely quickly and leaving no residue. It is stable, non-corrosive, and non-conductive, and restores electrical continuity, preventing increased temperatures at points of contact.

    CCNF is a powerful, fast acting, ozone safe cleaner for use on PCBs, contacts, buss bars, relays, scales, sensors, and motors. It removes stubborn fluxes and other soils from sensitive electro-mechanical equipment, parts, and components. It is commonly used for cleaning and removing hydrocarbons, silicone, and fluro-chemical oils and greases from electric motors and generators, electrical connections, and most other devices.

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  • Glass Cleaner

    SKU: CT-GE

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    Glass Cleaner is the best heavy duty professional grade on the market. Removes tough dirt, dust, grease, lint, oil, toner, carbon, fingerprints and smudging. Foaming action spray stops dripping. Safe on painted surfaces, most plastics, tinted glass, film, stainless steel and vinyl. With regular use, this cleaner will eliminate static charges from sensitive surfaces and provide long term static protection.

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  • Gum & Label Remover

    SKU: CT-LR

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    Rapidstick™ Label & Adhesive Remover quickly penetrates to effectively dissolve old or caked-on adhesive gums, stickers, inks, and waxes, easily releasing paper-based labels such as barcodes, price tags, and product ID tags with no surface rubbing or scratching required. It is safe to use on glass, metals, foil, wood, most plastics, and many types of rubbers, without breaking down or attacking the underlying surface coating. Label & Adhesive Remover is ozone-friendly, contains no halogenated solvents, and is formulated with a unique blend of hydrocarbon and citrus oils. It produces a pleasant citrus aroma whilst cleaning and evaporates shortly after to allow new labels to be affixed directly to the area.

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  • R22 Citrus Cleaner/Degreaser

    SKU: CT-R22

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    Citrashift instantly emulsifies oils, greases, and fats without the use of harsh acids, alkalis, or petroleum solvents. It is non-flammable and suited for light to heavy degreasing, easily removing adhesives, resins, printing inks, decals, rubber solvents, and more. Citrashift is water soluble and free rinsing, with an extremely strong citrus fragrance to deodorise effectively. It is 100% organic and environmentally safe.

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  • Contact Cleaner 350g Aerosol

    SKU: CT-CC-350

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    Contact Kleen Electrical Contact Cleaner reliably cleans sensitive electrical and electronic equipment, including relays, switches, circuit breakers, alarms, PCBs, connectors, generators, contacts, terminal plugs, and more. It removes oxidation, oil, and other contaminants, and can be used to repair faulty contacts and restore electrical continuity.  Available also as a Non-Flammable spray, both varieties are safe to use on most plastics and metals.


    Contact Cleaner 350g Aerosol


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  • Anti-Static Mat & Tabletop Cleaner 5L

    SKU: CT-MTT-5L

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    Anti-Static Mat & Table Top Cleaner is one of the fastest drying antistatic cleaners. With regular use, this cleaner will eliminate static charges from sensitive surfaces and provide long term static protection.

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