Gum & Label Remover


Rapidstick™ Label & Adhesive Remover quickly penetrates to effectively dissolve old or caked-on adhesive gums, stickers, inks, and waxes, easily releasing paper-based labels such as barcodes, price tags, and product ID tags with no surface rubbing or scratching required. It is safe to use on glass, metals, foil, wood, most plastics, and many types of rubbers, without breaking down or attacking the underlying surface coating. Label & Adhesive Remover is ozone-friendly, contains no halogenated solvents, and is formulated with a unique blend of hydrocarbon and citrus oils. It produces a pleasant citrus aroma whilst cleaning and evaporates shortly after to allow new labels to be affixed directly to the area.


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Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 14 × 7 × 18 cm


300g, 1L, 5L

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Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet - Aerosol

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