DEOX R70 Electrical Protector & Conductivity Enhancer


DEOX R70 Electrical Protector & Conductivity Enhancer is a highly advanced, non-conductive electrical protector, extremely effective in aggressive environments and tropical
climates, including those in the industrial and marine industries. It is safe on plastics, connectors, and PCBs, and provides excellent corrosion protection by displacing moisture and sealing and enhancing the conductivity of electrical and electronic equipment and tools, switches, contacts, relays, coils, solenoids, motors and generators,
junction boxes, and telecommunication devices, protecting surfaces in any condition, including those which had previously undergone water damage.

R70 protects and enhances upon application by forming a unique, thin film deposit of VCIs which do not alter or interfere with the electrical resistance or magnetic properties of metal surfaces. It also dissolves corrosion to assist with the restoration of electrical conductivity, and is a vital protective spray for use during the maintenance and servicing of electrical components.


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Features and Benefits:
-Displaces and protects against moisture
-Seals and protects
-Highly advanced
-Excellent in aggressive environments and tropical climates

Connectors and contacts, water damaged equipment and phones, PCB’s, audio & video equipment, power tools, air conditioners, switches and relays, marine electronics, outdoor electronics, solenoids and coils, automotive electrical and electronics, electric motors, generators and junction boxes and telecommunications.

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Weight 0.55 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 25 cm

Electrical Protector & Conductivity Enhancer, Liquid Damage Recovery


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Product Documents

Safety Data Sheet - Aerosol (AU & NZ)

Technical Data Sheet


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