Thermaltronics R9800S Precision Soldering Robot

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** Click here to watch a short video of the R9800S in action **

The Thermaltronics Robotic System incorporates innovative design concepts and precision components to ensure accuracy. The combination of high precision hardware and intelligent software ensures precision soldering and low operator training costs.


  • Dual Arm, Six Axis Soldering Robot
  • Intelligently compensates for PCBA variance
  • Image Recognition & Mapping System
  • Laser Height Measurement
  • Uses Curie Heat Technology for precise temperature control


1. Unlike typical Cartesian robots the Thermaltronics TMT-R9800S Soldering Robot, is equipped with full vision (eyes) to verify the procedure being undertaken and does not simply follow a pre-determined program. The soldering robot has an observation mode, a verification mode and decision making capabilities (brain). This capability of collecting and utilizing data for production processing is one of the most important factors necessary to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0 standards.

2. Through the use of servo motors and precision ballscrews, the Thermaltronics Robot system is able to accurately meet the requirements of high speed operation, repeatability and durability.

3. Application programming is made simple by using full image-merging and mapping techniques.

4. Dynamic laser height measurement/adaptive control, ensures precision soldering repeatability.

5. A full vision mapping and matching system, provides for intelligent decision making during procedural operations


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Weight 130 kg
Dimensions 80 × 71 × 65 cm


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