Thermaltronics Soldering Tip M75CH177 Chisel 30deg 1.5mm (0.06″) interchangeable for Metcal STTC-138

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Thermaltronics M75CH177 Chisel 30deg 1.5mm (0.06″) alternative for Metcal STTC-138



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M Series are a range of soldering tip cartridges for the Thermaltronics TMT-9000S and its SHP-1 handpiece.  M Series cartridges provide you with an alternative to Metcal’s STTC cartridges and are compatible with most Metcal Soldering including the Metcal MX-500 and MX-5000 series. Contact us if you need help with part numbers.

Our website states the most common tips used in the industry, As there are over 1000 different tips to choose from, we recommend trying to select a tip from the range that we have recommended. Ultimately all cartridges are available in the 3 temperature ranges upon request –  

M6 Series – Guide of 325°C – 358°C

M75 Series – Guide of 365°C – 410°C

M8 Series – Guide of 420°C – 475°C


– M6CH016 1.6mm Chisel Guide of 325°C – 358°C

– M75CH016 1.6mm Chisel Guide of 365°C – 410°C

– M8CH016 1.6mm Chisel Guide of 420°C – 475°C

We recommend the M75 series for the majority of applications. The M6 – series for light load or low temperature applications and the M8 – series for high temperature and thermally demanding applications. Can be used with leaded and lead-free solder.

No calibration is required with Thermaltronics power supplies

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