Nitrille Gloves Powder Free Pk 100


Made from 100% nitrille, a non-latex chemical resistant synthetic material, these gloves are unparalleled in toughness, providing superior resistance to cuts, piercings, and punctures, whilst being four times stronger than traditional vinyl and latex gloves.


Lower in particles, ionic extractable, and non-volatile residues (NVR), nitrile also adapts to the hand for a more custom fit, reducing hand fatigue.


These gloves offer excellent tactile sensitivity and a high level of dexterity, while the beaded cuff assists with donning.


Ni-Tek Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves conform to AS/NZS: 4011 : 2014 : ASTM and/or HACCP standards.


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Dimensions 21 × 12 × 8 cm