Nihon Superior

  • Lead Free Solder Wire Nihon Superior SN100C No Clean

    SKU: SN100C-030-500G

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    NIHON Lead Free SN100C No Clean Flux Cored Solder Wire 500 grams. Available in sizes 0.3mm – 2.0mm diameter
    Okay Technologies is an approved importer of Nihon Superior products and we import direct from the manufacturer to ensure genuine products

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  • AIM Lead Free SAC305 No Clean Solder Wire

    SKU: SAC305-CX18

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    SAC305 CX18 is a no clean flux core solder wire is designed to offer excellent soldering results with on all surface finishes. Engineered for high operator satisfaction SAc305 CX18 is a low odor/smoke formula which promotes thermal transfer and fast wetting without the need for additional flux. SAC305 CX18 post solder residues are minimal, clear and pass IPC-004A and IPC-004B SIR and corrosion requirements.


    – Fast Wetting
    – Minimal/Clear Residue
    – Extends Solder Tip Life
    – ROL0 per IPC J-STD-004
    – REACH and RoHS Compliant (Lead-free)
    – Low Odor / Fumes
    – Halogen Free per EN14582


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